We formed Team Chinchilla during the 2nd semester of our Masters of Digital Media course. We developed Balance, an iOS game that teaches players the value of balancing their lives and sustaining the environment. It was developed for the First Nations Technology Council under the guidance of Roadhouse Interactive. We presented and demoed the game at the FNTC STRONG conference.

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Media Coverage


Games Production 50%
Documentation 20%
3D Asset Creation 10%
Project Management 10%
Programming 10%


  • Manage the development of the game.
  • Compile all of the game assets (scripts/models/
    materials) within Unity.
  • Set Tasks and Milestones.
  • Assist in the development of assets.
  • Set up the documentation and managed it.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned how to deal with making hard decisions, it still is not easy but I feel prepared for them.
  • I learned the importance of the agile development process.
  • I learned how to manage a team of developers.
  • Improved on my Games Production skills.
  • Improved my technical skills (I can now use Unity!).
  • Improved on my public speaking abilities with CTV and go! Vancouver.
  • Learned how to conduct client meetings.


Bettsina Walkinson
Bettsina WalkinsonArt Director
Ligia Brosch
Ligia BroschProject Manager
Henrique Arrais
Henrique ArraisGame Designer
Shania Lo
Shania Lo3D Artist