Bro is a light-hearted 3D animated web series about two innocent, mute humanoids and their life in a simulated reality experiment. Big Bro and Lil Bro live in a simulated world that is solely populated by cardboard silhouettes of people. The simulated reality is haphazardly maintained by unseen beings that manage to change the environment without the knowledge of the two siblings. The brothers will learn about life from their own experiences and relationship with each other, thus encouraging the audience to think about their own lives and about themselves. Together they question the purpose of life, how it should be lived, and the value of friends and family. Production has been put on hold for now and may continue in the near future.

3D Renders


Render 2
Render 1

Concept Art


Concept art by Mike Tam.



3D Character Artist 80%
Storyboarding 20%