Orbits is a new digital workplace for under-the-radar productive and proactive people that helps flesh out and manage ideas. It improves the culture of productivity by bringing new ways of organizing, working and collaborating.



UI Development 50%
Project/Production Management 30%
Business Development 20%


  • Manage the team and the production of the web app.
  • Manage the documentation.
  • Create a Business Plan

Lessons Learned

  • I learned about the web app development life cycle.
  • I have the chance to practice my project management skills.
  • I am learning how to start up a new venture.


Bettsina Walkinson
Bettsina WalkinsonArt Director
Bony Banerjee
Bony BanerjeeUX Designer
Henrique Arrais
Henrique ArraisUX Designer
Ivy Sang
Ivy SangUI Designer