Shyness is a unique game based around the concept of being shy and how we may act irrationally in social situations. The game deeply resonates with people as it explores raw human emotion.

The game was originally developed in 48 hours for the 2013 Vancouver Global Game Jam using Flash but it was then ported over to Starling and iOS.

Each level the player is given a scenario where he can see the main character and a crowd a girls, one of them being the girl of his dreams. The player must guide the main character through the crowd of girls to reach the one he loves by drawing him a path to follow. If the main character comes into contact with one of the regular girls, he will become overwhelmed with shame and run away, starting the stage from the beginning. As the main character is so shy, he will close his eyes preventing all girls from being seen, bringing a memory element into the game.



Actionscript 3.0 Programming 95%
2D Animation 5%


Henrique Arrais
Henrique ArraisGame Designer
Ivy Sang
Ivy SangArtist