Unity 90%
C# 90%
Games Production 90%
Actionscript 3.0 90%
3D Modelling and Animation 80%
C++ 75%
HTML, Javascript and JQuery 75%
Russell KentishVideo Games Production
I am a Masters of Digital Media graduate from the Centre for Digital Media. I have always had a keen interest in the creative industries, particularly video games. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see people enjoying games that I had taken part in producing. Likewise, I have a great appreciation for the work developers have put into the making of a game as well as other software and I admire their accomplishments. I have a variety of employment experience that has built my communication skills, charisma, tolerance to working long hours and my ability to work in a team. I am now honing these skills to accomplish my goal of becoming a well rounded and successful video game producer. I always enjoy learning something new, I welcome critique on my work, and I always strive to be an honest and down to earth person.

TV Appearances

Software and Libraries


I use Photoshop mainly for creating textures for 3D assets using UV maps. I also use it for creating UI elements and for various other illustrations.


I used Illustrator for producing UI graphical elements.


I use Premiere for video and audio editing as well as for creating videos out of 3D rendered sequences.


I have made a few games within Flash in Actionscript 3.0. I also use it to prototype applications, for vector drawing and as an IDE.


I started using this library for the iPad game Shyness. It is similar to developing in Flash except it renders graphics from the GPU. It also utilizes touch controls.


I use this tool for creating sprite sheets.


Unity is currently my engine of choice for development. I started using it with Balance and I am currently using it for the Ultra Casual project.


I use Xcode when I choose to develop in OSX rather than Windows.


Maya is the tool I use the most for 3D graphics development. I started using it at Kingston University and I know its production pipeline extensively.


I use Mudbox mainly for modelling organic looking meshes.


I used this tool briefly during University for Akari. The school had a motion capture suit that we used to animate the main character. Motionbuilder helped us organize the movements to be used within Maya.

3ds Max

I started using 3Ds Max at South Thames College for two years but I stopped using it once I started using Maya.


I use spreadsheets often to help manage projects and to perform calculations.

Visual Studio

I use Visual Studio when developing with certain libraries, namely IrrLicht, BulletPhysics and IrrKlang. I also used it for OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL and the PSP SDK.


A project management tool that we used for Orbits.


Eclipse was the IDE that we used while developing Orbits. I worked on that project mainly as a UI developer.


<strong>Masters of Digital Media (GPA 3.84)</strong>
Masters of Digital Media (GPA 3.84)2012 - 2014

Lessons Learned

  • I learned the importance of project management
  • I developed an appreciation for the business mindset
  • I learned how to analyze myself objectively and critically
  • I learned how to communicate effectively


Games Production 90%
Agile Project Management 90%
Business Development 70%


  • Business and Project Management
  • Interdisciplinary Improvisation
  • The Visual Story
  • Foundations in Digital Media
  • Game Design

<strong>First Class Honours BSc Games Technology (GPA 3.92)</strong>
First Class Honours BSc Games Technology (GPA 3.92)2009 - 2012

Lessons Learned

  • I learned how video games are made and various techniques of how to develop them.


Flash 90%
Actionscript 3.0 90%
Maya 90%
Premiere Pro 90%
Photoshop 90%
Visual Studio 80%
C++ 80%
IrrLicht 70%
Python 70%
C# 65%
Bullet Physics 50%
PSP Development Kit 50%
OpenGL 40%
XNA 4.0 30%


  • Advanced Games Programming
  • Games Production
  • Advanced Computer Generated Imagery
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer Animation
  • Advanced Multimedia
  • Advanced Programming Concepts
  • Computer Games Development
  • Strategy and Intelligent Games
  • Operating Systems and Networking
  • Graphics Software Embedded Language Programming
  • Multimedia Design
  • Project, Planning and Investigative Skills
  • Computer Generated Imagery and Sound
  • Programming Essentials
  • Practical Programming
  • HTML Programming and Internet Tools
  • Introduction to Computer Games
  • Games Fundamentals
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Computer Imagery
  • Light, Sound and Motion
<strong>BTEC National Diploma Games Development</strong>
BTEC National Diploma Games Development2007 - 2009
<strong>Institute of Legal Executives</strong>
Institute of Legal Executives2007 - 2009